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Independence day celebration

Independence day celebration

It was indeed a great day and a proved moment for every one of us, when we had our 68th Independence day celebrations in our school premises. Every one took pride to be an Indian.

The Whole school brought out their love for their country through the extravagant celebration of Indian Independence, on 14th August, 2014.

The day was celebrated with great pomp and pleasure. The students of the school manifested a number of awe-inspiring events. They made the spectators realize the pain and effort put in by the people of India to free the country from British control and that without their willingness to sacrifice their life for the country, they would not be who they are today.

Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of Independent India, delivered a speech in the Parliament, on the eve of India’s Independence, towards midnight on 14th August 1947, which was titled as “Tryst with Destiny”, which also became the theme for this year’s Independence day celebration at QMIS.

The school had started celebrating the day a week ahead and provided many off stage competitions for the students to prove their talents on Art , Music, Elocution , Vegetable Carving , Fancy dress ,Poster making and Flower carpet .

To mark the importance of the occasion, the school had invited Mr. Manishwara Raja, the Regional Passport officer, Madurai to be the Chief Guest of the day . The Chairman of QMIS Dr.Chandran honoured the Chief Guest and contributed his Presidential address. The Chief Guest reciprocated and inspired the gathering with his Key Note address. In his address, he highlighted upon the civil services and in discharge of any student is to be guided by maintaining absolute integrity , allegiance to the constitution and the law of the nation , patriotism , national pride, devotion to duty , impartiality and transparency . Director Abinath Chandran and Principal Sujatha Guptan had made the arrangements for the event. Winners of the Independence Day events were appreciated with certificate and Medal on the eve.

The cultural events gave a good feast to the spectators’ visions. The young actors and actresses did a great job and were successful in conveying the value of the skit.

“Ivargal santhithal” …was the program which created an impact upon meeting India’s eminent leaders who struggled for freedom of our nation. The mime act, based on the grievous life of the military commander Major. Mukund Varatharajan brought tears in the spectators’ eyes. The students who took part in the mime act deserved appreciation. Music expresses what cannot be said and what is impossible to keep silent. The young musicians of the school adorned the stage with their beautiful voices and instrumental notes. The dance performances by the students from grade 4 to grade 8 graced the occasion through their synchronized moves to the rhythm and the music. The tableau flashed back the Massacre happened in Jalian Wala Baugh Large number of parents, students and staff participated and witnessed the grand ceremony to dampen their spirit!

The event winded up with lots of aspirations and wishes for the magnanimous occasion of the 69th celebration of Indian Independence.

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