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In-house Laureates

Prize Distribution Ceremony

“A dream becomes a goal when action is taken towards its achievement.”

The Prize Distribution ceremony held at our QMIS premises between 3rd Feb, 2016 and 15th Feb, 2016 was an occasion to acclaim the achievements of QMISians who have attained excellence in various Inter-house competitions (including Independence Day and Children’s Day events) through their dedicated efforts and perseverance. Felicitating the achievers not only motivates them to set new benchmarks for themselves, but also stimulates on their peers to aim for similar heights.

The QMIS parents listed below were invited as the special guests for this ceremony to honour our achievers. This inclusiveness is a reflection of the QMIS’ trust in School-Parent partnership on celebrating the success of our little leaders.

The days started with a prayer song followed by a short welcome note by Ms.Sujatha Guptan, Our Principal. The winners were then awarded with the Excellence certificates by the guests of the day. Few of these special invitees also inspired the young minds with their motivational words.

It's absolutely true that success is a consequence of sustained hard work and determined efforts and the winners of the various events proved that they were focused a lot. The prize distribution ceremony landed up by strongly sowing in the young minds the need to work hard towards achieving one's dreams.

Slno Date Guest Of the Day
1 03.02.16 Mrs.Jayageetha, P/o. Akshaya Shri-G8, Sheeja-G6 & Jeya Simma Varman-G1
2 03.02.16 Mrs.Anitha, P/o. Jenifer-G6 & Kingston-G7
3 03.02.16 Mrs.Dheepa, P/o. Rithuraj-G2 & Rijutha-G7
4 03.02.16 Mrs.Benita, P/o. Varsha-G3 & Rakshana-G7
5 04.02.16 Mrs. Priya, P/o. Harshan-G8
6 04.02.16 Mrs.Leema, P/o. Alvina-G6 & Calvin-G8
7 04.02.16 Mrs.Karthika, P/o. Varshitha-G8
8 04.02.16 Mrs.Sathya, P/o. Shrinithee-G6
9 05.02.16 Mrs.Megala Manikandan, P/o. Dhushyant –KG2
10 05.02.16 Mrs.Vinu, P/o. Jasper-Pre.K.G
11 05.02.16 Mr. & Mrs.Rajkumar, P/o. Akila-KG2
12 08.02.16 Mrs.Mala, P/o. Hasthan-Grade 2
13 08.02.16 Mr. & Mrs.Jaisingh, P/o. Jeyan Jerish-G4 & Jabes-G7
14 08.02.16 Mrs.Sophia Syed, P/o. Rufaidha-G5 & Ibrahim Shakir-G7
15 09.02.16 Mrs.Shafnam, P/o. Suhail-G3 & Arshad-G9
16 09.02.16 Mrs.Parameshwari, P/o. Gayathri-G3 & Alaguraja-G5
17 09.02.16 Mr.Eugene, P/o. Vivian Richey-G2 & Renney Keren-G4
18 10.02.16 Mrs.Usha, P/o. Aditri-Pre.K.G & Ananya-G3
19 10.02.16 Mrs.Brinda Venkatesh, P/o. Skandhapoorva-KG1
20 10.02.16 Dr.Patrick, P/o. Edmunt Udit-KG1
21 10.02.16 Mr. & Mrs. Kiruba Shankar, P/o. Manasa-KG1
22 11.02.16 Mrs.Nancy, P/o. Angeline Maria-KG2 & Christo Rohan-G2
23 11.02.16 Mr. & Mrs.Sujay, P/o. Ishana Elizabeth-G4
24 11.02.16 Mr. & Mrs.Sathiya Prakash, P/o. Joshini-G4
25 11.02.16 Mrs.Parasakthi, P/o. Sri Sai Ramanan-G2
26 11.02.16 Mr. & Mrs.Balamurugan, P/o. Sarvajid-KG2
27 12.02.16 Mr. & Mrs.Manivannan, P/o. Priyalakshana-G1
28 12.02.16 Dr.Amuthakumar & Dr.Rajkumar, P/o. Kanishka Rajkumar-G1
29 12.02.16 Mr. & Mrs.Kingsley Richard, P/o. Andrea-Pre.K.G & Andrew-G1
30 15.02.16 Mrs.Thenmozhi, P/o. Harshapratha-G2
31 15.02.16 Mr. & Mrs. Nallathambi, P/o. Jovitha Sanghai-G1
32 15.02.16 Mr. & Mrs.Shahbutheen, P/o.Raushan-G2

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