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Internet safety

The objective of the topic is to be safe in the digital world. The session started with advantages and disadvantages of internet and the major risks in the internet like Predators, bad people who can view our data without our knowledge and misuse it for hijacking information and money. Revealing too much of information about us, like photos, messages, videos that can be edited and abuse it. Cyber bullying i.e., spreading rumors and gossip, posing pictures without consent and disturb others. Malwares includes all the viruses, spams, adware, spyware, Trojan horses that affects our system how these are happening and methodology to be safe from these risks were skilled to the kids with exiting cartoon videos.

The kids were packed with excitements by seeing the deeds in the digital world and learned to be safe on the net. With the videos they clearly got the idea about the malwares affecting the system in different ways and how to rectify those risks. They come to know about the Safer Internet Day was celebrated on every year on the month of February this year it is celebrated on 7th February with the specific theme 'Connecting generations and educating each other' .