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International School Award

British Council International School Award

The British Council international School Award (ISA) is a benchmarking scheme that accredits schools having an outstanding level of support for

  1. Nurturing global citizenship in young people.
  2. Enriching teaching- It is widely accepted that the traditional chalk and talk model of content oriented teaching alone cannot adequately prepare young people for the future.
  3. ISA is a leadership challenge that fosters teambuilding, innovation and project management.

We have enrolled for the International School Award this year 2015-’16 with the following International Policy.

QMIS’ International Policy


  • To educate the leaders of tomorrow who will change the way the world lives, learns and works.
  • To edify the child to face the challenges of today and take on the role of an active and responsible citizen.


  • To widen the child's learning exposure more and beyond.
  • To give a multi dimensional experience.
  • To be internationally recognized for our commitment to education .
  • ISA allows learning to end on a positive note with the head teacher and the ISA team receiving individual certificates from the British Council when the school achieves the award. Achieving the award is not the end of the journey. The schools and teachers involved in ISA may remain with the British Council programmes beyond the assessment year.

Overture of the Project

The mission has a scaffold of seven action plans that has to be carried out from July to February aiming for bringing in the elements of intercontinental Dimensions. The learning outcomes were categorized as knowledge, skill and attitude based outcomes.


Tweety ‘n’ Chirpy Birds around us

Learning Outcomes of the Activity

Through the activity the children were able to
1. Understand the various species of birds, their habitation, differences in their features based on the food habits and habitat and understand their adaptive features
2. To identify and differentiate the birds on basis of their habitation
3. Appreciated the adaptive features and endurance from their survival

An insight about the activities that were carried out as a part of the Action Plan
“Tweety And Chirpy Birds”

  • Through this project the children of Kg 2 & Grades 1 & 2 studied and explored the names of the common birds in different locality.
  • Had gathered information about the different kinds of birds that are found in Australia, Alaska, Brazil, Egypt and India.
  • The children took up the responsibility in preparing a scrap book that has the complete portfolio of the National Bird of the countries taken for study.
  • To check the understanding of the children a show and talk activity was conducted that turned out to be a great presentation and the data collection of the number of different kinds of birds they had seen on their way from home to school was done by the learners.


Colours of Freedom …. In the Celebration of Our Freedom………

Learning Outcomes of the Activity

Through the activity the children were able to
1. Gain knowledge about the Freedom struggle movement, the milestones in the freedom struggle, development and challenges post independence.
2. Demonstrate the leadership traits that influence them.
3. Become more responsible to their rights and duties and will nurture the hard earned freedom with responsibility and patriotism ( Attitude towards the Nation).

An insight about the activities that were carried out as a part of the Aciton Plan
“Colours of Freedom …. In the Celebration of Our Freedom………”

  • Through this project Pre Kg to Grade 10 children got the opportunity to learn about the Indian freedom struggle movement .
  • To look back on the milestones in the freedom struggle .
  • To know about the great legends who have paved way for this freedom and the importance of values in which the country was founded upon.
  • It was a wonderful learning experience of conducting the project with the students. . It provided a very good platform to the students to showcase their talents in the various competitions which were planned to add fun to the entire project.
  • The children will also get an opportunity to execute a collaborative work through mails of Skype discussions with one of the partner schools at India, Indonesia, France, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Switzerland and Hungary very shortly.
  • The students along with the students of the partner school will discuss about the development of Science and Technology after Independence in their Nation and also about the challenges faced after Independence through Skype discussions.


Global Potluck

Through the activity the children were able to
1. Know about the nutrition, varieties of food taken across the world that had the suitable climatic conditions for the growth of rice and wheat.
2. developed basic dining etiquette and consciousness towards physical fitness through diet.
3. Learnt the art of sharing and avoiding food wastage.

An insight about the activities that were carried out as a part of the Action Plan
"Global Potluck”

"As we guide our learners through the world of knowledge, we also endeavour to provide them with opportunities to become global citizens of tomorrow."

  • The entire Kg Department both the marvellous mentors and the stupendous students took up this project with great passion and significance.
  • Through this Global Potluck activity the students learnt about what is food, the importance of having food and also about the nutrition in food.
  • They acquired knowledge about the variety of dishes eaten around the world.
  • A Global Potluck was organized, where the traditional or the famous dish of the countries that has a suitable condition for the cultivation of Rice and Wheat, (which is Indian Staple food) were displayed, shared and dined.
  • Through this Children also got an introduction how the dishes varied though the ingredients are the same.
  • They were taught about the difference in taste in different nations.
  • A grocery shop – The Q’s Bazaar was set up through which the toddlers were educated about the buying and selling and the basic concept of money management.
  • The students were taught about the basic dining etiquettes and also about the basic conversations with the person who serve their food when they go for dine out.
  • The most important value of Sharing and giving up food wastage was taught to the children through these activities.

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