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Jungle day celebration

Jungle Day celebration - Save Wild life

The KG 2 graders organized the Jungle Day Celebration on 19th of September 2014 to create awareness about the theme “Save wildlife”.

The feeling of jungle was stimulated by changing the whole atmosphere with cool breeze, perfumed with the fragrance of green and medicinal leaves. The sounds of animals and chirping of birds and the flowing of river kindled the enthusiasm of our children and all the visitors. Students dressed up themselves like wild animals, trees and tribal to raise the slogans of “Save the trees, Let’s do it , We don’t have too many to begin with”, “ A voice for those who cannot speak the plight of endangered animals”, “Save water, save life” and “ Save the trees, they will save you” . All these were taught to them practically and the objective of saving wild life and nature. Children accomplished their campaign by presenting samples to the School.

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