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Montessori Lab Inauguration

Montessori Lab Inauguration

Today’s world is full of challenges and to face these challenges effectively, the children have to be molded in such a way right from their small age. We at Queen Mira International School are educating the Leaders of tomorrow; hence preparing the children for a challenging life. We strongly believe that the Montessori Coaching would help the children face their world with confidence. As a start to this, our Mont Lab was inaugurated on 16th of July 2015 by our beloved Chairman Dr.Chandran and our Director Mr.Abinath Chandran.

Our Tiny tots of KG2 were thrilled and excited in welcoming our Chief Guests of the Day. Principal Ms.Sujatha Gupthan explained the objective of Montessori system of teaching to our beloved Chairman. Few activities like tracing of sand paper letters and Knobbed Cylinders were demonstrated by the children.

Living in Community, learning independently, thinking constructively and creatively are the lessons of Montessori classroom that would remain with the children as they make their way into this demanding world.

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