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Toyland Celebration


Toys play a significant role in child grooming. To an extent it reveals the character of a child. What the child is interested in and what the child aspires to become when he grows up mostly goes hand in hand with these preferences. In order to identify our children’s choices, the KG Department had the Toyland Celebration on 27th of July 2015. Though it was the celebration of kinderlanders it indeed amused the whole school and gravitated the staff too.

The classrooms decked with Traditional toys like chottankal, paandi, palankuzhi, Marapaachi bommai and chepu saaman , helped the children to know and enjoy the different games their grandparents had played. They were taught the games and the rules to play.

The mechanical modern toys beautified the next room. All age favourite Barbie to the Play stations were adding excitement to the buddies. Beauty in disguise- Ms.Vaishnavi dressed as Jerry entertained the children and all the visitors and added more fun to the occasion.

The gala came to an end with the contentment of letting the children to explore the past and the present.

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