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Kites Festival

Kites Festival


The history of kite flying is a long tale stretching back over 3000 years long before the written word and many theories have been suggested as to how the kite was invented. To flash back the history of Kites and to rejuvenate the hobby of kite flying , QMIS Heritage Club organized a Kite Festival in the School premises on 17th and 18th November 2014 . From 10.11.2014 to 13.11.2014 , the students were educated on the significance of kites and on the origin and birth of kites . Following which they were trained to make kites.

From dawn to dusk , people of all ages fly kites rejoicing in the spirit of the day. QMISians too were not exempted from this. While they flew the kites , the sky was blue and clear , a cool breeze blew and a feeling of anticipation , joy and jubilation gripped all . Children enjoyed the occasion and wanted to have more of this kind of opportunities .

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