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Staff Trip to Kodaikanal

Staff Trip to Kodaikanal

The word adds on… our journey started up with a warm welcome on sky with a rainbow. The freshness of breeze in the early morning with smiles besides the busy tight packed days, huhhh… the most awaited trip. STAFF’s DAY OUT.

The drive through the Ghats road was pleasant as we determined the speed of the vehicle and stopped now and there to gaze and admire the scenic views of water flowing across the streams. There was no one who said no to enjoy the beauty of nature.

The charm of the hill station lied in the densely wooded green forests and the gigantic trees, creeks and slopes, bowers and rocks which attracted every eye that passed on. The team halted at Holiday Homes for refreshing and after the breakfast set out for the expedition. There were many trails to walk on the jutting rocks, row on the boats on the lake and arduous ride on bicycle trigging the hills for hours falling in love with nature again and again. The day couldn’t be closed with the shopping for all our beloved’s. Enjoying the freshness of the climate, drenching through the drizzles and tasting the various delicacies by the lake side we spent the whole of our morning session. Followed by the lunch at Holiday Homes again the team had a quick ice breaking activities. This really show cased all the hidden talents of our own team members and filled the ambience with more laughters and merriment. With the reluctance of getting down, we travelled down the hills and called the day off.

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