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Indian Legislature

Indian Legislature

QMIS takes utmost care in shaping up the future leaders. The current awareness session is one tool that helps in educating the children on the current issues.

As leaders of QMIS, it is necessary for them to know about the leaders of the Country and their functions at present! Thus they had the CAS session on “Indian Legislature”. The children were educated on the key functional elements of our Government, the houses with their performances and protocols followed to lead the country. Vital about this session was that the list of presidents with their era and the current bench of ministers were made clear to the children.

A brief explanation on the electoral rights was given. This made the children confident in knowing about the election commission, National and Regional Parties with the facts respect to the Parliament and the protocols for one to become the Member of Parliament.

Children were proactive in knowing the parties of the parliament and their logos with regions they represent. They made the session more interesting by asking questions about the Parliament and Judiciary houses. Children of all grades were happy to have a session on “Indian Legislature” as this helped them to recognize themselves as the citizen of India and feel proud of our democracy.