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Lemonade Activity was used as an experiential learning activity to help students apply classroom topics to the world of education. When children learn by doing, they retain significantly more knowledge than through lecture or reading. Over the past forty plus years, research has shown that activity based learning is effective in helping students retain knowledge, increase achievement, and improve performance. The ancient Chinese proverb, “tell me and I’ll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I’ll understand,” illustrates this activity.

This activity mainly focussed on developing the fine motor skills. This results out in better fine motor control. Squeezing provides oppournity to strengthen child’s grip and pencil holding . Squeezing the lemon and mixing sugar to stir with hands together is good for coordination as well as for exercising the hand and wrist muscles.

Before we began a set was made for preparation. Lemons, sugar and salt were brought by children to prepare lemonade. We emphasized lots of action words here… squeeze, turn, push and pour to learn while they make. They also learned the value of sharing and giving. The lemonade prepared was served to everyone in the campus. Thus, We call it Lemonade day!!!

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