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Lycee Francais”- French School Visit

The “Lycee Francais” of Pondicherry comes under the purview of Agency of French Education Abroad. It is the oldest French school in Asia founded in the year 1826. It offers a comprehensive education from Pre-Primary school to the final year of Secondary school with general, technical and professional options. All the subjects are taught in French and a great deal of importance is placed on English and Tamil, the regional language. The courses held at the “French Lycée” are strictly conforming to the current academic program set by the French Ministry Of Education.

Our introduction to this French school was through our Apprentice Scientist program organized by this School’s special unit called the Section of Excellence in Science. Ms.Brigette Maury the project director welcomed us and gave us the details about the innovative and ambitious projects of Section of Excellence. It was specially designed for Indian and international students who are selected based on their results in the sciences. They complement their education in the Indian system with education in sciences in the French system in order to have access to the best schools and universities in France, India or other countries. As a result, this double education will allow them to reach high posts of responsibility in French or Indian companies where their knowledge of both cultures will be certainly sought and valued.

The school gives an opportunity to proficient Indian students to access the best education in France or return to the Indian system of higher education, or to study elsewhere in the world or to pass from one system to the other in the best possible conditions.

The educational innovation runs parallel to the renovation and modernization of this French school. Accommodation for students arriving from outside Pondicherry has been taken into consideration. The construction of a quality hostel was underway. Magnificent replicas of world famous paintings done by the children, Laboratories with cutting edge resources and the importance given for the sports all impressed the visitors. The concept of Subject rooms was new for Indian system of education. But as it breaks the monotony it struck a chord on us.

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