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"Maitri-2014-Learning Together"

Maitri 2014 – Learning Together, a continuous path, the exhibition and seminar on Montessori education was a two day event on 15th and 16th of Februrary 2014. It was organized by Indian Montessori Centre (IMC) – Tamil Nadu Chapter, in collaboration with Guru Nanak Mat. Hr. Sec. School. Our Principal Sujatha Guptan and the Kinder garten facilitator Jaya Dinakaran participated in the event.

The event, inaugurated by Ms. Bhuvana Venkatraman a direct student of Dr. Montessori and Dr. B.V.A. Rao, Chairman, Indian Montessori Centre, was held on February 15th and 16th, 2014, and its endeavour was to help one and all understand that education starts from birth and is a continuous process.

It was a mixed bag of people, ranging from managements of schools, teachers, educationists and parents and their interest levels and queries were different.

For some, it was just like any other exhibition with materials for sale, but for some it was an eye opener as they caught a glimpse of the enriching Montessori philosophy and the depth in this method of education.

Sessions convened by senior Montessorians and experts in field of education, on topics ranging from psychology to parenting were making the day more productive. While the photo displays lit up the auditorium in the middle, the manufacturers were busy selling their products at one end.

It had been possible to interact with so many people at once and left behind a positive vibe. Many, who visited the exhibition, sure must have felt that wish they had experienced this kind of education.

Let’s not be merely wishful but try to give to the child what he deserves the best.

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