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A fit, healthy body— is the best fashion statement

We always say ‘Health is wealth’. All the parts of our body are so precious that it has to be given utmost care to keep our self healthy. Our health plays a vital role in our daily life. ―“Healthy citizens are the greatest asset any country can have.” 

In QMIS, we take a special care on the health of our children. A medical camp war organized on 06.03.2015 for the students from PKG to Grade 9. One of our parent, Edmund Udit’s mother Dr.Mekala an ENT specialist came forward to conduct the camp along with her team of five staff nurses and two doctors - Dr Saurirajan a chief Medical officer from Besky Trust and chief of Thembavani Hospital who is a recipient of All India Vikas Ratna Award and Dr. Mouli. The camp started around 10.30am.The team was welcomed by our teacher’s team. It was a well organized camp and nearly 442 students from all the grades attended the camp. A few suggestions were given by the specialists wherever it was needed for the children. Our heartfelt thanks to the management and a special thanks to our Director Mr.Abinath and principal Ms.Sujatha who gave us full support in organizing the camp and conducting it successfully.

“Eat healthy, sleep well, breathe deeply, and move harmoniously” Jean-Pierre Barral

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