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Report on the Field Trip to Meteorological Centre at the Airport

"Climate change is also clearly a matter of huge interest and concern for the scientific community."

With the objective to educate the kids on weather forecasting and the instruments being used for it, a field trip was organized to the airport.The trip started from the school at 09.30 AM and reached the Airport at 10.30 AM. At first, we entered the Weather Reporting room and were briefed about the Climate and Weather. And then the process of recording the weather of a place at a particular point of time was well briefed by Mr.Hari Varahan. He also gave information about the factors influencing the weather of a place. The foremost factor that influences the weather of the place is the Pressure.

Then the students observed the working of the Barometer (An instrument used to measure pressure) explained by Mr. Hari Varahan. After that the students were taken to the Stevensen Screen Enclosure to observe how the weather is being recorded once in three hours and the instruments used to record it. The working of Cup anemometer and Evaparometer were also detailed by the staff in-charge of the Meteorological centre.The children left the place with their mind packed with the knowledge on weather forecasting.

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