Mother and Baby activity

Date : 06.09.2012

Parental Care is the unique attribute of human being. Till the child could manage on its own, the role played by a mother is tremendous. Right from morning sun bath to the sponge bath at night, the moms handle it so beautifully. The mother always takes care of the baby while lifting, nursing, playing, putting to sleep, walking with the child, cleaning, massaging, giving exercises, changing diapers, etc. Her only objective is that the baby should feel comfortable. The mother also chooses the best of baby products like baby oil, baby powder, baby shampoo, baby soap, baby toys, baby clothes, baby bed, etc for her special baby.

To explain this to our KG II Kids, on 6th of September 2012 We invited Mrs. Sakthi the mother of V. Prajit Who is in KG II 'A . She came with the eight month old Athav , her second kid. Mrs. Sakthi came with her mother's bag, pram and the walker. She explained the kids about the things what she uses for her child. She demonstrated the need for diaper and the process of changing it. She introduced them the antibacterial gel and wipes, the feeding supplies and the special clothing needed for the baby. While the baby was enjoying a ride in the Pram and walker, obviously they saw the use of it. Vital role played by every mother, till the child becomes independent was made evident through this demo cum interaction session. Finally it was hard to part the children from the baby Athav and many went home with an added love for their mothers.

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