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Field Visit
Field Visit

The Team QMIS organized a field visit exclusively for the students of grade IX on the 7th January 2015. The purpose of this visit was to have a thorough knowledge on quake resistant buildings and the science and technology involved in making a building quake resistant. They were taken to ‘MAX PROPERTIES’ Pvt Ltd., a construction company to learn more on earth quake management and construction of quake resistant buildings. They were accompanied by two staff members Ms. Kalpana and Ms. Radha Nandhini. The students were given a chance to visit Max Vista Apartments, opposite to Fatima College, the first quake resistant apartment in Madurai.

Mr. Elango Packiaraj, the Managing Director of MAX PROPERTIES Pvt Ltd., gave a thorough guidance in this regard. He, with his Structural Engineer Mr. Karuppasamy took the children to every nook and corner of the building explaining the significance behind each design.

They also instructed the students theoretically on seismic waves, focus, epicenter, quake susceptibility and the changing designs and patterns of quake resistant buildings. The students had a good interaction with the resource person and gained a good knowledge. The day was called off when they came back enriched with a thorough knowledge on earth quake and how a building could be designed to make it quake resistant.

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