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A Report on Navarathri Celebrations

Navarathri was celebrated in a grand manner at QMIS. Preparation for the fest started well in advance. Children were asked to contribute a doll. Collected dolls were tastefully arranged into the 7 tier Golu. The atrium was also decorated with streamers/ roof hangings along with beautiful rangoli and diyas. The significance and the sequential events on all nine different days were beautifully demonstrated by our KG teachers through a presentation .It was followed by a devotional song. The story behind the navaratri was narrated and the meaning for the each and every tier in the golu was explained to the kids.

And all the teaching, non teaching staff involved themselves with enthusiasm by bringing prasadam for neivedhyam every day. Our kids from kindergarten to grade VII visited the Golu and recited slokas and sang bhajans.This celebration helped the students to understand about the rich and varied culture of India and also to be open and respect all religion.

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