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A Visit to Neighborhood

A Visit to Neighborhood

Field trips are the highlights of the school year for most children. Whether it is the zoo, the planetarium or just a nature walk, children can learn more about the world and how to interact with others when they leave the sheltered environment of the classroom. Hence, we organized a field trip for KG2 students of QMIS to Thiruparankundram park on10th of November, 2014 to give them a learning experience about the neigbourhood and ways to travel.

Our Children enjoyed their travel by bus singing rhymes enthusiastically. Since our children were familiar with the concepts of different kinds of transport, traffic signal and rules to be followed while travelling, this field trip helped them to reinforce the concepts learned in the class rooms.

Thiruparankundram Park, which is located adjacent to the temple was really attractive with hybrid musical dancing fountain, open air auditorium, decorated pathway, landscaping and rock garden. Children had a great fun in the park, performing different activities and having lunch together in a different environment. They were engaged with games like

  • Ten tiles, the outcome of which the students were able to catch a small ball thrown/bounced from a short distance
  • Simon says, the outcome of which the students were able to run, jump and hop with confidence and safety.
  • Hopscotch, the outcome of which the students were able to compare the whole numbers 1- 10

Being in the same classroom all day, every day can dampen child's spirits. This field trip gave us a chance to do something new and memorable in a new environment, breaking away from the humdrum school routine. It also helped to reinvigorate our children and breathe life into lesson plans.

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