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Oath Taking Ceremony

This historic and auspicious day 6th July, 2013 in QMIS will be remembered for ever due to the oath taking ceremony, a solemn and dignified gesture, held in our school. There are many incidences which reveal that swearing an oath was a custom and has been very meticulously followed since ancient times. Oath simply means “what we believe in”, as it is an expression that emphasizes to accept ethical standards in our professional conduct. An oath executed effectively creates value for everything and everyone we come in contact with. It reiterates us on our roles and responsibilities implying greater care than usual in the act of performance of one’s duty. In the august presence of our honorable Chairman Dr.Chandran and our Director Abinath Chandran all the members of Team QMIS took oath and assumed office. It was a glorious moment for everyone.

The welcome address was delivered by Ms.Sheeba Aruldass who highlighted the significance of oath taking. Our Chairman’s address insisted the team members to adhere to the ethics of our profession and do our duties with utmost care for the betterment of the student community whose lives have been entrusted in our hands. He reiterated that Integrity without knowledge is weak and useless, and knowledge without integrity is dangerous and dreadful and asked the team members to acquire both integrity and knowledge to discharge their duties efficiently.

Our honorable chairman conferred the oath of office to the academic head the Principal Ms.Sujatha Gupthan followed by Ms. Josephine Anne Sheebha Aruldass the Manager Human Resource. As the head of the academic team Ms.Sujatha Gupthan conferred oath of office to Mr. Kumaran Ganesan Vice-Principal followed by other team members. As the head of non-teaching team Ms.Sheeba Aruldass conferred the oath of office to Mr. Mr.Kannan Gopalakrishnan, Mr.Vaiyapuri Gurusamy, Mr.Rajashekar and other non teaching team members.

Ms.Ashrafa proposed vote of thanks at the end. She stated that the significance of swearing an oath deepens one’s conviction and sense of responsibility and wished that the principles of oath be a guide to the team members in all their efforts. Finally Mr.Kumaran assured on behalf of the whole team that the team will always uphold the moral principles in everything they do as professionals.

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