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Old Age Home Visit

Old Age Home Visit

Respect the old when you are young. Help weak, when you are strong, forgive the fault, when you are right.
Because one day in life you’ll be old, weak and wrong.

The complete life definitely includes the Old Age, as youth. Due to rapid modernization, breakdown of joint family system and migration of working population, the children of present generation do not get a chance to spend time with their grandparents and hence fail to realize their value.

We at Queen Mira International School aim at producing the future leaders. So we look into the overall development of a child that includes both the attitude and academics.

As said, “Attitude is everything”, it has to be built right from their young age. Respecting elders is one of the prime act which is found missing in many children now a days. In order to make them understand and realize the value of grandparents and respect them, KG’s were taken to an old age home on 14.11.2015. The children happily celebrated their day- Children’s Day with grandparents. Not only did this celebration stop with entertainment, but they generously donated groceries, toiletries and medicines.

The ultimate happiness is when we make someone smile, and our children did make everyone around them blissful. They happily recited some rhymes and spent quality time with them. Very sadly the old age people bade good bye to the little tiny tots. We wish this visit would bring back the joint family tradition as before and our children would have the opportunity to listen to the lovely stories narrated by their grandparents. We wish there will be no more old age homes and only loving homes for the old people.