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Onam Celebration – 11th September 2013

"Life becomes a carnival when ethnicity and joviality unify"

It was joyful to have got ourselves gathered for a grand Onam celebration on 11th September 2013 at QMIS. Onam comes in the month of "Chingam", the first month of the Malayalam Calendar. The myth says that people place flower mats in front of their houses to welcome King Mahabali. At QMIS, we gave a hearty welcome to King Mahabali with our traditions and successful celebrations.

Onam is a fiesta that conveys the message of delight and unity. Onam is always celebrated in such a way that it creates harmony in the society. We began our celebrations with a special prayer song sung by the school choir to thank the almighty god for our unity. A magnificent skit was performed by the teachers who depicted the story of Mahabali, which was a real feast to our eyes.

One of the traditions of Onam festival is the dance performance. The young dancers of QMIS, the students of grades 6, 7 and 8 gave a mesmerizing Kaikottu kali performance. Apart from being vibrant, the dancers were very traditional and colourful. A celebration becomes incomplete without competitions. We had a variety of competitions like drawing and painting, art from waste and Rangoli. The winners were boosters to their house points.

Mounica Senthil, Faculty of Kindergarten Department gave an enlightening power point presentation about the myth behind the celebration of Onam. The video clipping on Onam celebration in its nativity was not only a privilege for the spectators to witness Onam festivity by just being in Madurai but also urged us to take off to Kerala to celebrate Onam in its native style.

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