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Grandparent's Day Celebration - 20th September 2013

Grandparents are our heritage and are essential members of our families and communities. They are the delightful blend of laughter, fairy tales, caring deeds, love and care. Establishing a bond with grandparents is an innate process. Kids need no teaching for this. Kids are more magnetized to their grandparents as they give everything they like more than what they need. To honor this relationship we at QMIS celebrated Grandparents Day on 20th September 2013.The little angels welcomed their grandparents with a bunch of flowers, a welcome card and ushered them to their seatings.

Prayer song of the young nightingales melted all in the gathering. Following the welcome note of Pranavie of KG II, there were representatives from each grade to share their wonderful experiences with other grandparents.

Volunteers from the grandparents amused the children through their lullabies and stories. Fun was filled throughout the environment as there were several games upholding teaming up the kids and the grandparents. Blindfolding, musical chair and finding your partner are to name a few.

The enthusing day was brought to an end with a sweet note of vote of thanks from Ahamed Kabeer of KG II. Children bid farewell to their grandparents after the craft work to preserve the sweet memories of the day.

"Having a place to go is home; having someone to love is family, having both is a blessing".
We are all blessed people.

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