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Trekking at piranmalai

Trekking at piranmalai

Most valuable possessions in life are the life’s best experiences and the values that are learnt through them. Team QMIS always gives the rich experience of endurance to its children through its trekking activity of Adventure club every year. This year the children of grades 4 to 9 trekked the Piranmalai hills which is 40 km away from Madurai in Sivagangai district.

Piranmalai is a unique fortified hill at an elevation of over 2,000 feet. This last outcrop of the Eastern Ghats, with a Piravar temple and five peedas in the rocks of the hill called the pandava teerthams, is also sacred to the Muslims with a dargah of Waliullah Sheikh Abdullah Shaheb on its peak. At the foot hill, there are traces of a moat and Fort Marudhu, which was pulled down in early 19th Century.

One of the seven Vallals, Parri lived and ruled this area. The barren hill is believed to have been covered with dense jungle in the days of Maruthupandiars rule from late 17th Century to 1801. It was part of a large jungle that extended from the Eastern Ghats to the Palk Straits.

The silent hill intensified its appearance in the course of our trek. It grew more bushy, rocky and steep. The enthusiasm of the children and the staff was enormous that they did not get tired even after trekking for an hour. The down trip to the foothills was all the more challenging as it was more slippery. The responsible students and the more committed team made it all possible. Once again the sense of accomplishment was realized in each and every trekker and gave them a confidence to face any challenge in life.

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