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Pongal Celebration Report

When the fashion and trend are getting revamped at a faster pace and every one of us are preoccupied with our own schedules on a festive season it is no wonder  that we have lost the art of celebration. Our celebrations are restricted within our home sitting in front of the television watching the celebrities’ celebrations.  If this continues then at some point children can read about our traditional way of celebrating festivals only in the digital library. Alarmed of this, we as an institution understood the need for creating an environment to make the children to understand the essence of all festivals and to keep the culture alive.

Kalanjium, the hamlet of culture and celebration was brought live into the premises of QMIS with every interesting factor for children and nostalgic factors for adults. Along with their children the parents also joined us and had a blasting Pongal celebration with us. A typical village set up in our campus with various statues like, The welcoming ayyanar, Madurites favourite Goddess Meenakshi amman, Marutham and kurinji landforms, statuettes of the people living in Marutham land forms, kili joshium, kuri joshium, Eateries like paniyarakadai, tea and bajji kadai, javvumittai, kuchchi ice, village sports like kida sandai, uri adithal, vazhukkumaram, ilavattakal thookuthal, and entertainments like kodai rattinam, rangarattinam are the most grabbing spots for the children. The Children found the rekla cart safari and the bullock cart safari to be the most exciting rides of the day.

With all these fun the most important factor of making of Pongal wasn’t missed out. With the chant of Pongalo-o-pongal the mud port frothed in the middle of the campus and symbolized the prosperity for everyone. Besides the eateries the Sweet Pongal and the sugar cane was much relished by the children. The children did not miss the sugar cane eating competition which they had it by themselves. With the anxiety of next year celebration and heart full memories we all wound up the day.

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