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Kalanjiyum – Pongal Celebration
A Report of Kalanjiyum – Pongal Celebration

Pongal is an ancient festival of people in South India particularly by Tamilians. The history of the festival can be traced to the Sangam Age i.e. 200 B.C to 300 A.D. Queen Mira International School Management was so magnanimous in importing a typical hamlet with rural artisans to create an impact upon the Pongal festivity and our customs and traditions towards our young QMISians on 13th January 2015. To mark this day as one of the highlighting milestones, the children and the whole team came in ethnic wear and traditional finery. It was a meticulously planned and well organized celebration. The untiring team arranged for a grand sale of valaiyal , balloons and brought Vaadi vaasal , huts, aattu manthai, agricultural tools into the arena to make the celebration true to the concept “Kalanjiyum “. The typical festival snacks like javvu mittai , kuchi ice, paniyaram and kambangool and thrills such as Ranga raattinam , Kodai rattinam , safaris on bullock and horse added more to the enjoyment . Minor games like illavatta kal, uri adhithal, valluku maram and tug of war which were practiced in olden days to show case young men’s strength enthralled the visitors and children. Cock and Goat fights stole the entire show. The QMIS parents also took part in the competitions of Pongal making in earthen pots, students took part in kolam competition and teaching and non-teaching team too showed their skills in tug of war. We did have the fortune tellers- Kizhi Joshiyam and Kuri solrathu who with their words gave all a promising new year ahead.

The co-ordinators of the event, Ms.Suganthi Gopi and Ms. Kalyani Venketesh brilliantly brought a true reality show which gave life to the dwellers of village for a day. The students and the visitors from US and France marched back their dormitories with a pride of understanding the values of pongal and history behind all the games and practices. On the whole, it gave a complete satisfaction of visiting a village.

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