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Pongal Celebration - 2016

“The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate”

GoingPongal means boiling of rice in a pot. It is an authentic harvest festival celebrated in Tamil Nadu and the other southern states. Queen Mira had always welcomed diversified cultures and traditions with a great pleasure and has always been a great podium of cultures, educating the students on reviving the traditions and importance of celebrating Festivals.

This year the campus was vibrant with students in their colourful and traditional costume – girls in half sarees and pattu pavadai, boys in waisty and shirt. The day started with a warm welcome in the assembly where Grade 6 had highlighted the reasons and traditions involved in Pongal celebrations. The Tamil Faculty Ms Kasthuri, Ms Vijaya Sheela, Ms Uma and Ms Jeyanthi have educated the children on various aspects of Pongal like the 4 days of magnificent Celebrations, the valiant bull fight -Jalli Kattu tradition and many more. As a part of the celebration, the students of Grades 5 – 8 have sung Gramiya padalgal and danced to the tunes of Kummi Aattam. The entire team and students were served with delicious and proteinacious sweet pongal and Sugar Cane.

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