Popcorn Club Inaguration

Popcorn club Inaguration

Watching movie with popcorn in hand is one of the favourite activities of many. Just the same way, Popcorn club in Queen Mira International School is also one of the most preferred clubs for the children.

In order to edutain our children through this contemporary phase of learning, our Popcorn Club was inaugurated on July 17th 2015. To bring in variety and excitement, the activities for this year were planned to be School Cinema till grade V and Short Film Making for grades VI to VIII. To add on to this exhilaration, the chief guest of the day, Mr.Vinoth Chan, the Asst.Cameraman of the blockbuster movies like Kumki and Nimirnthu Nil and Director of various Short Films made the children sit on the edge of their seats.

The Club in charges Ms.Suganthi Gopi and Ms.Shalini Pandian briefed the Children on what is School Cinema and Short Film Making. The Chief Guest of the day made the session lively and interactive by answering the various doubts raised by the children. James Anton of grade VII and Alvina of grade VI led the show brilliantly under the guidance of Ms.Kalyani Venkatesh.

The session came to an end paving way to the start of creativity and exploration.

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