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Prof.G.P.Raos Visit

It was indeed the rarest opportunity for the team of Sri Aurobindo Mira group of Educational Institutions as the great legendary Management Guru Professor G.P.Rao visited the group of institutions on 27th January 2014. He also interacted with the team of Management members, administrators, Principals, teachers and prospective teachers on the role of teachers in propagation and inculcation of human values in three sessions. His insights in the process of teaching as an individual and as a human being out his 4 decades of experience was an eye opener for all of us as it created a new perspective of thinking and also reaffirmed our thought process.

Glimpses of his sharing:

No one can ‘teach’ (transmit knowledge, skills and attitudes) any one any thing. One has to realize oneself as how to realize one’s inner worth through introspection and feedback comprising experiential learning. Hence the teachers, parents and others in the society can ‘at best’ facilitate the process of self learning and transformation through experiential learning.

Dr.Rao specified on three A’s for this facilitation process. He also meant the Knowledge, Skills and Attitude and their mix for propagation and inculcation of these values. He ardently believes that human beings are innately divine, basically good and intrinsically compassionate, but incredible in terms of their behavior. Therefore it is required to create an awareness and make him to believe in his divine energy (which is acceptance) so that he is able to contribute his to self and his society. (Action) .

Leading by Example is the only instrument available to the teacher to enable the learner realize his inner strength whereas Knowledge and Skills can be inculcated and imparted. The significant result of this that the teacher ceases to be the role model instead the learner himself sets his own standards and becomes role model to him. The learner becomes the change agent, scripts the change process and transforms himself.

At this juncture Dr.Rao also shared the Spandan approach and its 3 D process( Diagnosis, Discovery and Development) as an initiative for evolving Functionally humane organization. The aim of Spandan process is to anchor suitable human values to the mission of the given organization and integrate them with its work ethic, human resources development and strategic management.

The discussions that we had in evolving those values suitable to the mission of Guruji educational trust has just begun. The team dispersed with the proposal to fix the rendezvous for the future meetings.

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