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Parent Teacher Conference 1 Phase 2
Parent Teacher Conference 1 Phase 2

A very prime activity during every academic year of a school is Parent Teacher Conference. Studies have broadly proven that regular parent teacher conferences promote the Personal, Positive and Productive development of a child. This not only helps the child but also the parent in effective parenting. Queen Mira had conducted PTC1 Phase 2 for the Grades 2,3,6,7,9 & 10. Through this Parent teacher Conference the objective of the teachers communicating to the parents about their merits, areas to be improved and the appreciations was positively done.

Parent Teacher Conferences are platforms provided by the school where all the teachers can be met under one roof at the same time to know the scholastic and Co- Scholastic performances of the child. This is a great opportunity not only for the parents but for the teachers to understand the environment provided for the child at home and analyze the reason behind the lapses in the child’s performance.

When parents and teachers work together to try and provide the best environment for learning, the child stands to benefit the most.

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