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Parent -Teacher Conference

It is always believed that Parent Teacher Conference acts as a central factor of ongoing home-school communication and family involvement in the upbringing of a child. It is organized by educational institutions, where the parents and teachers share their expectations and increase their ability to work together to improve a child's educational outcome. Parent Teacher Conference -1 was scheduled in three phases . This enhanced a healthy relationship and provided a chance to have a good interaction with the parents about their wards performances. Phase A of PTC 1was conducted on November 16th, 2013 for Kindergartners and graders 6to8, Phase B of PTC 1 was held on November 22nd, 2013 for graders 2 to 5 and Phase C of PTC 1 was held on November 30th 2013 for students of grade 1. The appreciations from the teachers motivated the Parents and Studetns to be on track, the suggestions and feed back would help to improve . PTC 1 paved way for excavating a parent’s wish and a child’s responsibility.

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