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Report on Parent Teachers' Conference Phase II

PARENT TEACHERS CONFERENCE 2 The month of April, 2013 being the culmination of the successful academic year of 2012-13 for QMIS considered to be industrious and full of life. The Month April,2013 was accommodated with various imperative events ranging from the School Annual day to the Parent Teachers’ Conference. The Parent Teachers' Conference is a noteworthy element of an enduring parent- teacher relationship. The term II- The Parent Teachers’ Conference was held at QMIS in two phases on the 27th and 28th of April 2013. The conference commenced at 9.00am. The parents and the students were very excited to meet the teachers, They were cordially welcomed at the reception. The teachers and the parents had an exclusive meeting discussing the overall performances of their children. Teachers came up with suggestions for the improvement of the students progress and also provided valuable measures to hone their skills. They also had discussions related towards constructive spending of vacation by which it is vital that each child learns to bring out their skill during their vacation. The parents were receptive to the suggestions and comments provided by the teachers and appreciated the meticulous system of maintaining the record of the student’s progress. The parents were delighted to learn about the bridge course that will be provided to the students from the month of June which will enable them to refresh and recap the concepts learnt and ensuring themselves having a solid foundation to begin with the new academic year ahead. The conference got through around 4.30pm. The parents dropped their valuable feedback forms and they were instantly reviewed by the management. The conference served as a platform to discuss and probe both the strengths and areas of improvement of students and the measures to mitigate their shortcomings and backlogs to strengthen them to encounter the challenges in the forthcoming academic year.

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