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Parent Teachers' Conference 1

QMIS has its unique way of molding the students, it provides the best platform for the students to reshape and refine them. The Parent Teachers' Conference Phase1 is a vivid manifestation of this. The Parent Teachers' Conference for Grades Pre Kindergarten to Grade 3 was held on 17th November 2012 and for Graders IV to VII on the 24th November 2012. The conference opened the doors for communication among the Parents and the teachers. The Conference commenced around 9 am in the morning. The parents and the children were excited about the conference. The teachers had Face to Face discussions with the parents on their student's overall performance, behavior and various other aspects. The parents and the teachers had meticulous discussions on the student's performance and the ways to strengthen their flairs and improvise their flaws. Very valuable suggestions were rendered by the teachers towards the empowerment of the students. The conference was very fruitful in terms of participation by the parents and students, discussions and devising of mechanisms to edify the talents of the students. The Parents, students and the teachers were the content of the conference and the purpose of the conference was effectively served. A report on the child's performance and progress were issued to all parents. Feedback forms from the parents were also received to keep our progress on the right track. The conference concluded around 5 pm in the evening.