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A visit to Puppy’s Bakery

A visit to Puppy’s Bakery

“As long as you know how to bake, Life is sure to be sweet “

To bring sweetness to the life of our children, we planned to visit Puppy’s Bakery on 25th and 26th of February, 2015 for yet another different exposure on baking and decorating the cup cakes. Children were very much curious and happy when informed about this visit. Chefs at Puppy’s Bakery welcomed our little masterchefs with great smile on their face. Display of those cupcakes, breads, and other pastry items were really a visual treat that kindled the interest of our little ones to learn baking.

Chefs initiated their demonstration by introducing different ingredients and explaining the step by step process. Kids actively interacted with Chefs regarding the process and made them awe struck by answering to all of their questions. While the cup cakes were getting ready in Microwave-oven, the decorating process of the cup cakes with fresh creams was demonstrated along with few puzzles put forth to our children in identifying the cartoon characters. It was a fabulous experience for our tiny tots to learn how to make cupcakes and cookies which influenced one of our little chefs to say” I am going to teach my mother how to bake cakes today”. Wonderful learning KG tots!!!

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