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QMIS was euphoric to venerate and commemorate its second annual day on the 6th April 2013. Only a successful and an authentic person can always cherish ,share and guide us in the path he travelled through the road to success.We are very proud of having such a person with us, Abinath Chandran, the Joint Director of Guruji Educational Trust. With his able guidance and support of our Principal Sujatha Guptan the entire school was geared up for the extravaganza . The wheels stared rolling a month before. The involvement of each student was given the prime significance.Lot of planning much of careful thinking was given to it.

The day commenced with video clippings of the establishment of QMIS from laying of its foundation stone. Honourable Chairman Dr. C. Chandran, Director of Guruji Educational Trust Abilash Chandran, Mr.Abinath chandran- The Joint Director and Mrs.Sujatha Gupthan, the Principal of QMIS paid floral tribute to the portrait of Sri Aurobinda Mira, Mother Mira and Mother Jansi . The blessings of Sri Aurobinda Mira, Mother Mira , Mother Jansi and the Lord Almighty manifested in raindrops that showered on us which lasted for few seconds that chilled out the hot and humid temperature.

QMIS believes in the overall development, feat and progress of the students. The title “Star of the Year” was crowned to all the consistent achievers from Pre- KG to Grade -VII. The teaching staff and the supporting staff from transport and house keeping department were also honored with the titles of the "Star of the Year" by our honourable chairman Dr. C. Chandran. The other achievers were also honoured for their achievements in extracurricular feats. QMIS is proud to introduce a budding actor, Gaurav kalai an outstanding student from Grade VI who has acted in a tamil movie.

Dr. C. Chandran addressed the gathering and expressed his gratitude for the parents for all their unstinted support in the growth of the trust. The vote of thanks was proposed in the beginning of the show by the coordinators of the program Malika Kather and Catherine Karthik to ensure that the thanksgiving reaches the intended people without delay and lapse. QMIS believes that deriving the optimal output from a student is possible only if things are designed as per the interest of the student. Having this in mind, the options to participate in the cultural programs were always open to the students besides the participation of each child in the programs was ensured by the teacher in charges.

The extravaganza experienced by the people of QMIS cannot be felt as the same to the new comers. The welcome dance depicted Dasavataram of lord Vishnu. The KG program focused on the five elements. The mime, skit and dance of the KG department revealed the genesis of the five elements and the plight of it owing to human interference.

Grade 1 and 2 students depicted the different colours and their emotions and meanings was expressed through their magnificent dance and the skit highlighted the concept of "helpless Love". The martial arts like yoga, silambam , karate , fencing and kung fu were excellently performed by the students under the tutelage of coaches. The highlight of the martial art was the gyratory of the fire ball that enthralled the spectators. The students from grade 5 to grade 7 exposed their musical talents through playing drums blind folded, guitar and keyboard. Children were able to sing songs maintaining the apt pitch and pace for songs of 1970's and 1980's in synchronization with the background music that kept varying. The audiences were mesmerized by their musical talents. The KG department and the Primary graders stunned the throng with their sweet performance for a Japanese song and a French song. Skit on Vidiyalai nokki was very well knitted to meet the need of the society from the youth. The English skit " Honey I stressed out the kid" portrayed the problems of today's children especially the pressure they undergo at home. It was truly a learning experience for most of the parents as it revealed the expectations of children in their perspective. The day climbed its climax with the most awaited finale that comprised of announcing the three peppy songs of the year 2011 from bollywood, tollywood and kollywood of the year 2011. The exhilarating show culminated with the video of national anthem of the Children with different ability.

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