Quasar Kids

Kid's Kitchen

Children enjoy exploring in the Kitchen. We had the children of KG 2 preparing lemonade. They were introduced to the different types of appliances used in the kitchen. They experienced cutting the lemon with the knife and squeezing with the squeezer. Sugar was added to the lemon juice. Salt was sprinkled to taste and topped with few ice cubes. It was a great experience for the children. They tasted the sour, sugar and salt all at one go.

Juicy Fruity

Children have become very fussy in eating fruits. To make it interesting and tasty KG students had fruit salad day. Every child brought a fruit of their own taste. They used their tiny fingers in washing, peeling and cutting the fruits into small pieces. It was mixed with some dry fruits and condensed milk. It was a memorable day for the children who tasted the fruit salad prepared by them. Children who refused to eat fruit also enjoyed eating the fruit salad. One of the parent expressed that her son has started demanding for fruit salad every day.

Jolly Journey

Traveling is always enticing to the children and when that happens with a purpose and with their friends it would be a double bonanza. Such an exciting day it was for the Kindergarten kiddies. They set out for an outing to the Madurai Railway Station to experience their current topic Transportation.

The children were familiarized to shunting of the train. The guards gave valuable instructions on safety. They were taken to the ticket counter and they observed the issue of tickets and they were also introduced to the TTR who explained the ticket checking done by him. They also enjoyed watching the vendors busily selling hot vadas, coffee, magazines etc.

Curious children posted a lot of interesting questions which revealed their inquisitiveness. This trip made the children to easily comprehend the lexicons related with the transportation. The interesting trip came to a halt to the campus after an energizing experience.

Delicate Fingers Delicious Dish

Cooking is a fantastic activity to do with your children. They can learn and practice a whole range of skills and it gives them an understanding of food and where it all comes from. But even more important than that, it's one of the most fun, therapeutic and bonding activities you can do. Our little master chefs were engrossed in the flameless preparation of a delicious dish using the puffed rice. By adding sugar, cashews, raisins, cardamoms and ghee to it the yummy dish was served to all. They were all delighted in using ingredients and child safe kitchen tools to create a finished product. Besides it helped in reinforcing basic math concepts, foster creativity and emphasize the importance of nutrition to children.

Cooking can teach or reinforce basic math concepts, enhance reading skills, foster creativity and emphasize the importance of safety. It also teaches them the fundamentals of nutrition, an important lesson in today's society with rates of child obesity on the upswing.