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Field trip to Railway Station

In connection to our ongoing concept on "Transport" children of KG were taken on a jolly journey to the Railway junction at Madurai on 3rd Feb 2014. They set off from school around 10.30am and after 20 minutes of travel by school bus we reached the junction. As soon as we reached, children were exclaiming out of joy, to see the goods train and the shunting engine. They were able to differentiate between goods train and a passenger train.

Toddlers also had an interaction with the shunter Mr.Shankar of the engine. He was kind enough to take the children inside the engine and showed them, how it is operated. One of the trains, Rameshwaram express was halted in the station. Children boarded that train to see the bogies.

The purpose of this trip was to show the kids a special mode of transport, which moves on tracks very fast carrying more passengers at a time. Children observe foot over, signal, parallel tracks and wheels which are very big and heavy. After spending a few hours they came back and on the way they could see lot of road transport entirely different from the rail transport.

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