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Reports On Change

Change being the key word in our school’s vision statement was very apt for discussion on 9th June 2013 which was initiated by Mr.Abinath, our admirable Director of this institution with his welcome address and proceeded by Mr.Balaji, Vice President of Citi Bank and concluded with reinforcement by Ms.Sujatha our beloved Principal. The team defined the term CHANGE as transfer from old position or form to new one. We should remember the belief of Napoleon Bonaparte on CHANGE which declares that one should change one’s tactics every now and then if one wishes to maintain one’s superiority. According to Mahatma Gandhi “we must be the change that we wish to see in the world” which was also emphasized by the resource person of the day. He highlighted various valuable thoughts about CHANGE like when everyone changes and if you don’t want the change we will be left behind. He revealed that many people resist to changes due to fear and lack of confidence to cope with change. He brought to light that sometimes changes are inevitable though they are painfulshowing the life cycle of an eagle. The life span of an eagle is amazingly 70 years in which after 40 years it will be too old to live without getting rid of its old worn out beaks, feathers and talons. If the eagle goes through this painful period, about 150 days, of his life successfully its life gets extended by 30 years. He also brought out the message that an eagle pushes its young ones from height to force them to fly and not to kill. In the same way if anyone is forced to do anything which would be very difficult for them to do in an organization it would be to lead them to learn the trick of the trade not to ruin them.CHANGE is necessary to survive and live.When we are mentally ready for CHANGE half of the work is done. Be open-minded and be ready to accept challenges.We may have numerous problems to solve,prioritize and solve them one at a time.. The team broke up for lunch having gained knowledge of life skills for a short time only to assemble again with energy and zeal for further learning. Mr.Balaji began the post lunch session with 7UP game playing which we felt energized and enthusiastic to proceed with the discussion. At the end of the session the team dispersed with contentment that they had learned a lot to face the challenges ahead of their journey of liferecollecting how Mr.Abinath reiterated the resource person’s view about change at the end and understood that we should be the master of change rather than becoming victim of it.