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Fire safety program

Fire safety program

“Out of this nettle, danger, we pluck this flower, safety”. To bring an awarenesss about the safety measures during fire, we had a Fire Safety Campaign held at the QMIS premises on 23th August , 2014, from 10.15am to 01.30 pm. Graders 3 to 9 were given with the safety and rescue measures during fire, flood, first aids for injury and snake bite. The whole family of QMIS participated in this campaign, the teaching team , the supporting team and our beloved leaders Dr.Chandran, Mr.Abinath Chandran and Ms.Sujatha.

The scope of this fire safety campaign would not have been fulfilled without the three great men Mr.Antony Britto, Mr. Ranjith kumar and Mr. Navamani ,who had come all the way to share with our children the measures they are professionally trained with.

The campaign began with prayer song and welcome address delivered by Ms.Kalpana, followed which the firemen took over the campaign by lecturing on fire and its types, and the methods to be followed in rescue after fire. “The door to safety swings on the hinges of common sense.” Elaborated with their lecture and lively demo , they were keenly insisting that our common sense plays the vital role while opting for these safety measures.

We had the demo on using the fire extinguisher , right from opening its seal and its chemical components with usage, which was very useful for the children as they are in cozy environment and should know the usage of extinguishers in case of emergency.

The first aid to be done on snake bit, accidents and injuries was yet another piece of cake along with fire safety measures. The volunteer students co-operated with enthuse for all the methods like piggy back, reverse piggy back, three and four hand method. “Stop,drop,roll!” was the breath-taking demo delivered by the firemen with fire and sack.

“Better a thousand times careful than once dead” yes!, the children are now aware with a slot of safety measures which includes the first aid and rescue during fire accidents and natural disasters.

We ended up thanking the great fire men who spared their valuable time for the wellness of our children in the arena of Fire and Safety. The beauty of this campaign was with the graceful presence of our Chairman, Awareness in our minds and the dare in our hearts.

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