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Sangamam'14 Report

“ Remember this Sangamam ’14 …….. Cherish its Difference…...... Celebrate its Success……… ”

Queen Mira International School organized its 4th Annual Day Celebration under the title Sangamam – an amalgamation of arts on 24.01.2015 & 25.01.2015 – a two day mega hit event at the school premises. On Day 1 Shri Justice D. Murugasen, Member – National Human Rights Commission and the former Chief Justice of the Delhi High Court was the Chief Guest and Shri M.V. Muthuramalingam, Chairman Velammal Educational Trust was the Special Invitee “Learning and Teaching with pleasure” was the message imparted to the teachers and parents by the Chief Guest. The significance of teaching human values in education was insisted by the special invitee. On Day 2, the Chief Guest Justice Shri V. Ramasubramanian, Judge – Chennai High Court inaugurated the school’s Q’s Cafeteria .The Chief Guest in his address showered his views upon the present scenario of education and mesmerized the audience in bringing forth the true education through the quotes of the great legend Swami Vivekananda. Accolades to various winners and participants of the National and International Level Competitions were awarded by the Chief Guests in the presence of Dr. Chandran, Chairman, Guruji Educational Trust.

As the cultural events unfurled on both the days, the viewers’ enthusiasm got boosted with its wide range of assorted proceedings that were presented for the horde.

A Glimpse on the Day 1 Events (24.01.2015) ……

The events began with a Divine Prayer Song sung by the choir portrayed the Eternal Love of The Almighty.

A blend of KG kiddies and Primary buddies (Grades 3, 4 & 5) made up their rocking stage performance on Day 1. The cultural events began with the KG kiddies welcoming the mass with their awesome welcome semi classical dance performed to the mixed up tunes of Nila Kaaigiradhu & Mazhai Thuli Mazhai Thuli Mannil Sangamam. The KG buddies not only proved their artistic skills through their garden dance, Party Dance & Chinese Folk Dance but also proved their theatrical skills through their marvelous acting of the budding actors in the skit Fairy Tale Retold. This skit showcased the wonderful and confident performance of the KG kiddies.

Followed by the pleasing KG performances were the blasting performances of graders 3, 4 & 5. The various International Dance Forms took us to its native land with its stylish steps and well designed costumes. After the Ramayana enactment that reinforced the values of Love and Dharma brought a blissful drizzle that made everybody feel the presence of Almighty. The Great Orator Sir Winston Churchill was brought alive through the magnanimous performance of the skit “The Last Lion of Great Britain”.

A Glimpse on the Day 2 Events (25.01.2015) ……

The Day 2 events were presented by the primary students of Grades 1 & 2 and the senior school students (Graders 6 to 8). The cultural events took its charm and energy through the Classical Dance performance of grades 6 to 8 girls adding more tunes to the song Azhagae Azhagae with their ankle bells and chubby cheeks. It was a truly an artistic performance. Melodies of Manzile, Anbendra Mazhaiyilae and Aananda Yaazhai still linger in our ears not just as a pleasing and harmonious music but with the imagery of our own great singers. The Mahabharata team rocked the stage with a truly melodramatic performance and made the crowd to feel the scenes a live picturesque which in turn had brought tears rolling down their cheeks. I am sure this Karna and Kunthi will live in our hearts forever as they were more and beyond realistic. The English Skit Napoleon Bonaparte portrayed on stage revealed the essential qualities of a true soldier. The magical performance by the actors and dancers of Aladdin and His Wonderful Lamp made the audience feel its magic and scenic beauty through their wow exposé. The Fusion Dancers dancing to the electrical tunes rocked the stage. The Martial Arts Performers not only served to be a component of this mega event but had truly created the thirst for learning such arts. The twists and turns of the Yoga performers were very gratifying.

The FM host – the anchoring team from Sangamam FM 20.1 added more flavor and charm to the entire event……Thus this grand and gala two day event was undoubtedly an amalgamation of arts……

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