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SANGAMAM’13 – an amalgamation of arts…

Sangamam'13 the third Annual Day celebration of QMIS that was celebrated with all its grandeur on December 23rd, 2013, evicted to be yet another triumphant day in QMIS’ history. It turned out to be a “Mupperum Vizhaa” a component of its celebration was the inauguration of new proposals of the school-Wading pool, Cyber Studio, Western Musical Studio and Cultural Studio. The second component was the fabulous enlightening and dazzling performances that were given by our young leaders and the last component was the release of Yagna – Our Quarterly Newsletter – Issue 2 Volume 3.

The Day was made more impressive with the presence of the chief guests of the day-Kaviperarasu Padmashri Dr.Vairamuthu the glorious Indian Tamil poet and lyricist and Thiru Arun.C.Bharath, Commissioner, Income Tax Chennai. The magnanimous presence of our dear Chairman Dr Chandran – the ironic man made us feel secured that we are under the guidance of this staunch personality. Sujatha Guptan our Principal welcomed the gathering and Abilash Chandran, Our Director felicitated Sangamam ‘13 with his precise message to the gathering.

Dr.Chandran on his presidential address articulated that the students should be brought up with the objective of facing the global challenges and to bloom out colorfully and successfully. The chief guest Kaviperarasu Padmashri Dr.Vairamuthu in his address insisted the educational institutions to edify the children for their life and to make them endure at periods of so called tough times. Dr.Vairamuthu reaffirmed that the aim of the education is to develop the leaders of tomorrow. We have to script the fresh blank pages i.e. the young minds children with fruitful thoughts. He insisted that the children can easily get good grades with an extra effort but miserably fail in their life if not grounded properly. Children should never be compared with others but with their performances of yesterday that would help them to become superlative. Educational institutions should introduce children not only to letters but also to life. Instead of pampering the children we need to help them to cope with the challenges of life. The great poet suggested that the educational institutions should enhance the research skills of children.

Mr. Arun.C.Bharath in his guest address, appreciated the institution for providing a world class infra structure and a conducive learning environment. He mentioned that the school has a right combination of academic and co curricular activities which is the need of the present schooling scenario. Mr. Arun highlighted that though people prefer to move abroad only for their infrastructural facilities and the clean environment, many of late are returning to home looking for the value based educational system which is the most needed factor for the present generation and the generations yet to come.

The cultural events that were unfolded energized the audience. A mesmerizing cultural show with 100% participation of students grabbed the attention of the audience. From tiny toddlers to teenyboppers, the event encouraged, gave rewards and turned out to be the best platform to showcase their talents. Throughout the three hour show of excellence by the students who were resplendent in various costumes enraptured the audience with their message driven cultural programs which were well thought off, prepared and presented.

A warm inaugural dance conveyed the most haunted message of peace. The Kindergarten fairies stirred the thought of a birthday party within our minds. Jack’s Dreamland made everyone of us to grasp the hidden message in the cartoons. The buddy friends in disguise did not scare us but rather became our treasured pets.

The kids of grades 1 & 2 made us comprehend that Communication is the process of conveying information. We barely have time to pause and reflect these days on how far communications technology has progressed. Without even taking a deep breath, we've transitioned from sign languages to social networks and more. To fully garner an understanding of communication the kids made us to look at its evolution throughout the ages. The dazzling dancers of primary made us enjoy the magnanimity of the five different seasons through their wonderful dance performances.

It is a universal truth that the myths of all cultures are the attempts of people to explain the world in which they lived. So too, are the myths of ancient Egypt. The pharaohs of QMIS – the children of grades 3, 4 and 5 took us back to the Egyptian Civilization with their Pharaonic Osiris. The skit revealed the truth that whatever be our culture and custom, it is good to be a loyal person than to be an evil and we should at all times remember that heaven lies in the footsteps of a mother . The transformation of dances made all the age groups to tap their feet and enjoy their awesome performances of our kids.

The heroes and heroines of QMIS gave us the privilege to see the Pandiya Mannan and Kannagi after so many decades through their stunning performances in the Tamil Skit _ “Tamizhar Maanbu”. The conqueror and strategic Alexander is still the hero for most of the ambitious young minds which made them depict it so naturally . The energetic and scintillating dancers gave a rocking grand finale performance.

Apart from cultural arts, QMIS’ proved that they are strong enough in their Martial arts too. Thus “Sangamam’13 was not only an amalgamation of arts but also an amalgamation of friendship and astonishing performances of the toddlers which turned out to be an added success to QMIS’ path of victory.”

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