ThinkLab Activity Phase I

Think Lab Activity Phase I

The following thinklab activities were conducted for Graders 4 to 8 during Term 1. Through these experiments, the children were able to learn the theoretical portions practically. It made it very easy for them to learn the basic concepts.

Grade Name of the Activity Concept / Learning Outcome
4 & 5 Turn On Your Seed Germination of seeds
Super Senses Various senses of animals
Food Web Mobile Passing of energy between living things
Mechanical Man Movement and the action of forces on a joint, Extension and contraction
6 & 7 Straw Flower Concept of osmosis
Body Builder Diet required for our body
Invisible Ink Acid base concept and reaction towards the indicators.
Thirsty Soil Types and nature of soil
8 Flubber Types of plastics and its linkages
Climbing Man Friction
Metal Coat Chemical and replacement reactions of metals
Crop Saver types of irrigation system