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ThinkLab Activity Phase III

ThinkLab Activity Phase III

Science isn’t about Why, It is about Why not?

We at Queen Mira International School, give our children ample opportunity to explore and experiment. Graders 4 and above have their think Lab sessions where the children are slowly molded into scientists inducing them to come up with various small inventions. Various activities are conducted all through the year which acts as a tool to kindle their thinking skills. The students are able to understand and apply the theory concepts through various models and practical. The activities that were conducted in Term three are as follows.


1) Plant Factories
An experiment to observe the presence of starch in leaves which is a source of energy for plants.

2) Tell a tale teeth
This activity was used to check the effect of bacteria on teeth and gums and how it can be reduced by regular cleaning.

3) Bulky Pulley
This activity was to discover that simple machines like pulleys and ropeway system can make the movement of weights easier.


1) Wind Tornado
The activity demonstrated a better understanding and a good knowledge, about how natural source of energy like wind energy can be converted from one form to another form to generate electricity.

2) Attack the Fortress
The activity demonstrated how to prepare a working model using levers and force to propel a weapon across the valley at the time of war.

3) Flute and Snake
It was an activity to make a fun model of a snake and check how it is charmed by a snake charmer.


1) Floating Kite
This activity brought out the difference between what are magnetic and Non-magnetic materials.>

2) Digestive Pit
This activity involved segregating waste materials into different categories.

3) Glow Blow:
This activity demonstrated the difference between insulators and conductors.


1) Spectroscope:
This activity involved observing different colour components of white light by making a device called spectroscope.

2) Buzzer:
This activity demonstrated how to make a simple working model of electromagnet by applying the knowledge of electromagnetism.

3) Balloon pump:
This activity brought out the importance of the pumping action of the heart and the valves present in the heart and blood vessels.


1) Sound Travel:
This activity was to make string telephone using different materials to verify how sound travels from solid and air.

2) Membrano Horn
This activity demonstrated how to make sound instruments using plastic bottle and a balloon and to show that sound is produced due to vibration.

3) Fun Pen:
This activity demonstrated that some liquid solution undergoes chemical changes when electricity passes through them.

4) Copper plating
This activity was carried out to study about electroplating.

5) Electroscope :
This activity was done to experience the electrostatic attraction and repulsion.

6) Pin Hole Camera:
This activity demonstrated how human eye with the help of light helps to see the objects around.