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“Science is more than a body of Knowledge; it is a way of thinking, a way of skeptically interrogating the universe. It could rightly be defined as Somewhere, Something Incredible”

- Carl Sagan

To commemorate the birth anniversary of the great legend Indian Scientist Sir C.V.Raman, We had a grand and informative Science Expo on the National Science Day in our premises on March 1, 2014 .Fostering Scientific Temper was the theme of this year’s National Science Day which was catered much through this activity. The Think Labs Techno Solutions; an IIT – Alumnus venture & India’s largest hands – on Science & Technology Education provider in Mumbai had joined hands with Team QMIS for this Scintillating Science Exhibition. Children of grades 4 to 8 gave an awesome presentation of various science concepts which awestruck the audience and our supportive parents.

  • Children demonstrated the bug Spotter Experiment which described the importance of cleanliness. The dust particles reflected by the UV light were detected using a UV cream. Children reinforced the importance of cleanliness through this activity.
  • It is always believed that “Life becomes a blur without electricity”. The concept of electricity and circuits were shown through this Draw Dio Activity. The young scientists connected circuits and explained “The Ohm’s Law”.
  • Most of us dream a trip in a hot air balloon. But how many of us are aware of the science behind its working? Through the Tea Bag Activity children explained the concept that the hot low density air present inside the balloon lifts the balloon higher.
  • The young scientists demonstrated the Scuba Diver experiment and discussed the Pascal’s Law and The Archimedes Principle of floatation and sinking. Through this we were able to know the principle behind the floating of a ship.
  • The Lung diaphragm demonstration clearly explained the function and importance of Diaphragm in respiration process.
  • The children made it very clear that we should be aware of the simple science concepts around us, the taste Buds experiment was an evidence for this statement.
  • Through the Membrano Horn experiment the children explained that air produces sound through vibration.
  • We as children had always enjoyed playing with bouncing Balls. But how many of us were aware of its making procedure? Budding scientists did not miss to explain the concept of Polymerization through the making of Flubber.
  • We always tend to decorate our homes with Lava Lamps. But QMISians demonstrated the principle behind its making and quickly explained the concepts of immiscibility of liquids and the floatation concepts.
  • In this present era, a Science Expo becomes incomplete without an introduction to Robotics. Robotics is the branch of technology that deals with the design, construction, operation, and application of robots . The children demonstrated the working of 3 robots and stole the heart of all little visitors.

A successful celebration is a sign of happiness and contentment in the minds of participants. Team QMIS had to be grateful to Almighty for making this day a grand success.

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