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Mother’s Care - 12th September 2013

“God could not be everywhere and therefore he made mothers.“

There is probably no relationship as pure as the relationship of a mother and child. Every mother ensures that the baby deserves the best care possible – before, during and after a precious newborn enters the world. The care that they extend comprises of their love and their sacrifices. Mother always thinks the best for her child before she could think of anything for herself.

To make our QMIS Kindergartners realize the value of their mother’s love and care, A Mother care session was organized on 12th September 2013. Mrs.Then Mani parent of Harshapratha of KG 2 has happily consented for the session. She had a thorough planning and prepared very well to equip our kids with information. She made the session very interesting through her kid – Syndav . His wardrobe materials, accessories and play things provoked the curiousity of the kindergartners. The highlight of the session was Mrs.Thenmani’s scientific reasons for many of the practices which Mothers generally do. She made the children to understand the extensive care all their mothers have taken / taking and will be taking forever. She also had the utmost patience to clarify all their doubts like ‘Will the child eat food like us? How will we know that he is hungry? and many more Q’s. After the demo the kids made a thanks card for Harsha’s Mom and her young brother ’Syndav’ and gave an unwilling send off to them.

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