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The Grocery Shop

The Grocery Shop

“Shopping is always a good Idea”

To make the children to realize the pleasure and pain of shopping, the KG Toddlers came up with the Pretend Activity – “The Grocery Shop” at our campus on the 12th of September, 2014. Through this activity the children learnt that the shopping experience can range from delightful to terrible, based on a variety of factors including how the customer is treated, ease, the type of goods being purchased and mood.

After a tiresome day of shopping it will be very nice to dine out. The Little Smiley chefs also relished the visitors with delicious food at their restaurant that included Fried Rice, Chappathi, Poori, Gulab Jamon, Rasagullah, Fruit Salad and so on.

Kudos to the toddlers for bringing this Indoor Shopping.

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