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Slumber Bash - KG
Slumber party for KG

We at QMIS always think more and beyond. One such initiative of us is the Slumber Bash. This time KG-2 children had their Slumber party on 30th January. Candy World was taken as the theme and many more surprises were waiting for them right at the entrance to ease them for a comfortable stay.

ABRA –CA-DABRA, the magician welcomed the children with magical gifts. As we know, Special occasions are always made more special with photos, a photo session along disguising themselves as their favourite cartoon characters was also arranged to amuse the children. All these made our little ones excited and were eagerly waiting for their party to begin.

As the saying goes, Prayer is the key to success; the party began with a humble note to God, to make it a successful one. Following which our children were involved in their favourite Edusports Activity. Going by the theme, Candy World, the children were totally drenched in the chocolate rain, by watching the movie, Charlie and the chocolate factory. This did tickle their tummy too. Our little ones had nice mouth watering food that included hot, soft chappatis, peas gravy and their much-loved chocolate banana.

After filling their tummy, they did have a nice campfire that made the teachers and our tiny tots dance to the music. With all fun and frolic, children were totally exhausted and retired to bed after their bed time routine. Just like how flowers open with fresh scents in the morning, our children unwound themselves to welcome the Sun. It was a pleasant view to look at the little ones in jogging suits doing their exercise.

Going by the quote, “All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast”, our children were served yummy sandwiches and muffins which they relished chatting with their friends, not realizing that their parents were waiting. With a heavy heart and a desire to spend more time with their beloved friends and teachers, they went back home carrying loads of experiences to share with their parents.

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