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Slumber Party
Slumber Party

An initiative to explore the children’s Independency

Happy Schooling always ended with 4.30pm but on the days of these slumber parties their happiness got extended beyond.

When the circular was rolled out to the children related to the slumber party , children and parents were so excited and showed much interest in participating in the event . On 6th February evening, the children stepped into QMIS well prepared with their backpack , had a smile on their face and sent off their parents from school to have much fun time with their peer group.

As our customary practice, the evening commenced with Invocation of God and the rest was proceeded according to the agenda. They had their unique time in their activities such as Treasure hunt and Blind-folded game. Their movie time in a theatre like venue with coned pop corns brought them into a different world. Delicacies were served to the children at Q’s Cafeteria where they enjoyed their friends’ companionships and relished the dinner. Thereafter, the camp fire welcomed them to dance around with the team according to the tune of music. The day ended up with their bed time brushing, night prayer and bedtime stories.

The next day morning began very early and the children were so excited to witness the miracle of transmission of night into day which is otherwise known as the panoramic view of the Sun Rise with a cup of Hot Chocolate. Warm-up activity – Jogging motivated the children and was followed by some other physical activities. They had their break-fast at Q’s Cafeteria and packed up their belongings and bid good-bye to School.

Slumber Party (1) was organized for graders 3 on 06.02.15 and 07.02.15 on the theme “Galaxy”. From the party, the children had learnt how to make their stay independently, right from organizing themselves for the activities, in having their food, in spreading their own beds and in following their routines without any lapses.

Slumber Party (2) was initiated for Graders 2 on 14.02.15 and 15.02.15 on Jungle theme. These children were showing much interest and enthusiasm in all the areas especially packing their things with the check list in hands. They wanted to have more slumber parties like this.

Slumber Party (3) was scheduled for Graders 1 on 21.02.15 and 22.02.15 on Aquatic theme. Their learning outcome on the whole was peer group management, some valuable routines and warm-up activities in the morning.

Slumber Party was an occasion for us to realize the responsibility of every individual kid and this was extending the happiness of the children. Every child wound up the day looking forward for more such exciting sleep over parties with their friends inside the QMIS premises.

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