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Slumber Bash Celebration

Slumber Bash Celebration

“Think, Believe, Dream, and Dare.”

As the quote goes, “To be in a child’s memory tomorrow, we have to be in their lives today”, we at QMIS take greatest effort in not only merely being in the child’s life but also in making it colorful.

Slumber Bash is one activity that would have a long lasting impression giving them immense happiness.

Golden slumbers fill your eyes

Smiles awakes you when you rise

Sleep pretty darling do not cry

And I will sing you a lullaby.

This time grade I children were given this wonderful chance of spending time with their dear ones. 41 children stayed overnight on 26th September and enjoyed their day in the Disney land as that was the theme taken to surprise and entertain the children.

The children were too excited when they were given a welcome by Mickey and Minnie. The Disney land with the castle entrance, Cinderella chariot, Tarzan, Princesses Jasmine, Elsa and the Ball dance floor did attract and astonish each and every child. The magnificent setting did make the child forget that he was away from home. As it is said, ‘School is the second home;’ the children were comfortable and happy staying in the school.

Prayer as always, topped the agenda. Following which the teachers explained the tiny tots what they were going to do. After which they enthusiastically participated in the games organized by Edusports.

As there was one more activity- Camp fire, planned for them, the children were made to sit and relax by watching the movie Ice Age Continental Drift with nice crispy tasty popcorns. The children did relish the dinner and prepare themselves fit for the merriment during the campfire. The day came to an end with the bed time routines and stories.

It was a wonderful time for the children to wake up early in the morning and have a good play time before their breakfast. It was difficult for them to part their friends. But their enthusiasm to share things with their family made them bid farewell to their friends, that to with a big smile, as they were sure of meeting their dear ones the next day.

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