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Teachers Orientation Program

On a fine afternoon, i.e., on the 5th of June, 2013 the staff members of QMIS were really blessed to have got an opportunity to attend the presentation delivered by the great legend Mr.Gopalakrishnan – The Director of TVS Community College on the topic "Who is a Professional? And A Professional Teacher." Ms.Sujatha the principal of QMIS took the privilege of welcoming the chief guest.

Mr.Gopalakrishan rightly defined a professional as "the one who is able to do things on their own without any supervision ." Professionals are skilled people who are dedicated to the job and are very enthusiastic about the job. A teacher is also a professional and therefore they need to be ethical in their work. A teacher should be skillful, should have self belief and must keep their goals clear. Professionals have a vision and are committed to their work.

To make a school an excellent one a teacher should be committed, self developing, proactive and must take measure of every child in the class. Professionals look beyond money so we must show courtesy, humility, generosity, should not grumble for money and should not allow their personal problems to affect the organization. Teachers should do everything possible to enjoy teaching till the last breath.

Last but not the least Mr. Gopalakrishnan very well said that "coming together is beginning, keeping together is progress and working together is success." he concluded the speech with the acronym of TEAM as Together Everybody Achieve More and we were advised to continue our services as a team as we always say and do. Ms.Sheebha our resourceful HR manager delivered the vote of thanks.

The teachers were really impressed by his valuable speech and are eagerly waiting for such presentations in the future. We took his message as a good start for this academic year and thus we took an oath to do everything possible to enjoy teaching forever.

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